The Rehearsal

The Barmitzvah rehearsal is the perfect and only opportunity to capture the emotion and magnificence of the Torah reading.

The rehearsal allows the Barmitzvah photographer to record the events for you,
just as they will happen on the Saturday in Synagogue.

The rehearsal encompasses every element of the proceedings.
The opening of the Ark to reveal the stunningly beautiful scrolls dressed in deep velvet and polished silver.
The incredibly emotive reading from the magnificent scriptures of the Torah under the watchful eye of the Rabbi.

The Barmitzvah photographer has the unique opportunity to photograph every stage,
including wonderful emotive close-ups during the reading.

It is also the perfect opprtunity to photograph the Barmitzvah boy or Batmitzvah girl with their close family,
to produce a beautiful and everlasting memory of this most significant and wonderful occasion.

I hope these images will have brought a big wide smile to your faces, with the imagination and expectation that I can do the same fabulous job for you.