The Party

It's party time!

Time to put aside the formalities and let rip at the celebration party.

Family and friends will all be there, with huge expectations for a wonderful night and the Barmitzvah photographer is there to capture it all.

Usually, we set aside some time before the guests arrive to photograph the family groups and as the venue fills, so the atmosphere builds.

The entrance of the star of the day preceeds the euphoria of the Israeli dancing, the frenzy of the flag tossing and the raising in the chair for all who dare.

What a party - always great food - great music - dancing into the night - wonderful speeches
and every moment recorded forever by the B'Mitzvah photographer.

For me, photographing Barmitzvahs and Batmitzvahs is as exciting and emotional for me as it is for the families involved,
and the reactions from the family on seeing my photographs will always remain a wonderful and magical experience.

I hope these images have brought a big wide smile to your face,

with the imagination and expectation that I can do the same fabulous job for you.