I’ve been working in this wonderful industry for more than 20 years and my passion for taking beautiful photographs continues to grow.

Alongside my photography, I spent many years in the television industry making and presenting, travel programmes in the UK and worldwide.

With my stills camera always at my side, some of the most dramatic scenes and magical moments came from those incredible travels,

and my move into full time stills photography enabled me to drive my passion further forward.

I started taking photos when I was barely big enough to hold a camera. My first was my treasured Kodak Instamatic.

I can still hear that strange unfamiliar sound as the shutter clicked. I would turn the small wheel with its laboured grinding sound to the next frame.

I knew that the image I had seen through the viewfinder was now saved forever inside that roll of film.

And no one else had the picture I had taken. That’s what seized my imagination. The photo I just took was quite literally a one off.

How extraordinary is that?

And even though decades have passed, I still feel the thrill of knowing that every click of the shutter produces a picture that is absolutely and

undeniably unique. No one else on the entire planet has that identical shot!

This is what drives my photography - providing my clients with a portfolio of unique and wonderful surprises – each telling a story of that fraction of a

second,  from the infinite millions of seconds in an entire lifetime.

And how thrilling it is for a client to be presented not just with a totally unique photograph,

but one, which will serve as a memory of that moment … forever.

Based in Shenley, Hertfordshire, I serve London and the home counties,

but I will happily travel anywhere in the UK or any other country.


Simon Kane
London, England
+44 (0)7836 745 230


Please note that there is another professional photographer based in London, also called Simon Kane who does theatre photography only. He does not do any other genre of photography. If you came here looking for him, his website is here.